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220030, Republic of Belarus,
  Minsk, Svobody sq., 17
tel.: (017) 203-57-84;
fax: (017) 203-62-15
e-mail: bpp@belprom.by


Design works are carried out in the following directions:

  • development of feasibility studies of construction projects;
  • rational location of industrial enterprises on the territory of Belarus;
  • development of general layouts of industrial units and collating of the existing industrial areas in Belarusian cities;
  • Design development for industrial enterprises of mechanical engineering, instrument engineering, building industry, consumer goods industry and food industry, housing, civil and public buildings, sports facilities, hotels, banks, offices, multi-level parking facilities, shopping malls;
  • development of integrated systems of heat recovery from waste energy;
  • design development of treatment and recycling of waste water;
  • development of environmental projects;
  • design works implementation using computer-aided procedures and modern software;
  • information services to other organizations.